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Air Ivanhoe operates a drive in fully guided fully baited bear hunt from our main lodge into Wildlife Management Units (WMUs) 30 and 31.  We also offer fly-in and drive-in self guided bear hunts into WMU 30, 31, and 23.  Many of our fly-in fishing guests will elect to purchase a bear hunting licence to try their luck at things.  Regardless of location, it is our continued belief that smoking tobacco while wearing your hunting clothes (or worse, smoking while on the stand) is the biggest factor in determining hunter success (and the size of bears which are being harvested).  We strongly recommend the use of urine capture bottles on the stand and smokeless tobacco options for those who truly cannot wait out an afternoon.

Download additional information on prices, packages, hunting options, and fishing options (.66 Mb PDF)

Download additional information on prices, packages, hunting options, and fishing options (1.86 Mb PDF)

Ontario’s bear hunt starts August 15th, 2013

Visitors should note that the the firearm import form can be filled out at the border, or to save time filled out and submitted prior to traveling.  Archery hunters do not need firearm permits.  All hunters will however require an export permit to bring their bears into the United States.  Export permits are handled at our office AFTER your tag goes onto your bear and cost $35 per animal.  Remember to bring proof of hunting competency (prior hunting licence or proof of a hunter safety course).

From a guest in 2010 ...

“Hi Joel
Just a quick note to thank you immensely.  All the years of hunting and never getting a bear until we came to Air Ivanhoe.  That spot you gave me paid off perfectly, I got a huge sow.  I dropped her off at the taxidermist, and we will send you the skull when it’s bleached for you.  We had a great time, Graham, your mom and dad are all great people.  We were talking about returning before we even got out of the driveway....
Thanks again Joel, we had a great time, best ever.


Bob Gentile”
London, Ontario Canada

> Rules for importing firearms into Canada

> Firearm Import Form for Canada - $25

> Non-Resident Bear Hunting Licence $225

> Non-Resident Wolf Hunting Licence - $263

> Previous DUI?  Canadian Consulate Office

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