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Bear Hunting Frequently Asked Questions

What will it cost me to get my firearms into Canada?
A - Each hunter wishing to use a firearm during his / her trip to Canada must pay a $25 fee to register your firearm.  Registration lasts up to 60 days, during your hunting trip to Canada. You can fill out the form at the border, or alternatively fill it out ahead of time to help speed up your border crossing.  See Form CAFC 909   or call the Canadian Firearms Program information hotline at 1-800-731-4000.

Q - Is archery hunting permitted for bears in Ontario?
A - Archery hunting  for bears is permitted in Ontario with either a recurve, compound, or crossbow.  The Ministry of Natural Resources does have certain restrictions (such as minimum draw weights) for bows.  Air Ivanhoe suggests that archery hunters also carry a backup rifle or shotgun, in the event that you jump a wounded bear during the tracking process, or the real possibility that a black bear climbs up your tree while you are hunting.

Q - Are muzzle loaders permitted for bear hunting in Ontario?

A - Muzzleloaders can be used to hunt bears in Ontario.  However, Air Ivanhoe suggests that all guests carry a back up repeating firearm in the event that your first shot isn’t placed well, you  jump a wounded bear while tracking it in dense forest, or a bear climbs up into your treestand while you are hunting.  There is no special season for archery, muzzleloaders, or rifle in Ontario so you have your choice of weapon(s).  

Q - What fees are involved in a bear in Ontario?

A - Bear hunters should expect to cover their guiding and lodging fees (variable), their hunting and fishing licence fees, their firearm import fees, wildlife export fees, and applicable taxes.

Q - I had a DUI or other legal problem in the past.  Can I still come to Canada?

A - Canada treats DUI as a serious criminal offence, more serious than most US jurisdictions.  Hunters risk the possibility of being turned away at the border or having to pay a border entrance fee (at the discretion of the border guards).  Air Ivanhoe suggests that you contact the local US based Canadian Consulate office several months prior to your trip to apply for deemed rehabilitation (and a lifetime access pass into Canada).

Q - Can we fish during our hunting trip?

A - Most of our bear hunters will also fish during their trip.  We use trail timers and trail cameras to determine the best timing to hunt the biggest, largest bears.  We generally find afternoon hunting to be more productive, and as such, many of our bear hunters will fish in the morning hours.  Bear hunters need only purchase a fishing licence (conservation or regular) to begin fishing.  Fishing can be productive from several shore locations and under the docks at the Ivanhoe River Inn.  We frequently loan out canoes to our guests if they prefer to paddle.  Alternatively, we rent out boats and motors on a daily or weekly basis or you can bring your own boat..

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