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We offer fully guided fully baited bear hunting for those inclined to stand hunt, and thousands of acres of new growth forest if the spot and stalk approach is your preference.  

Whether your rifle hunting or bow hunting, our guides will work with you to ensure you find your hunt enjoyable, memorable, and comfortable.  We do recommend that our archery bear hunters also carry a backup rifle or shotgun (which is allowed in Ontario) in the event that things get “hairy” ...

Air Ivanhoe offers a fully guided fully baited bear hunt from our drive in lodge, as well as self guided self baited hunt from our outback fly-in or drive in locations.  We are very competitively priced, and our combination of accommodations, transportation, and guiding is second to none.

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This site is dedicated to Black bears (Ursus americanus) and black bear hunting.  Black bears are native to most of North America.  Ontario, Canada remains one the best bear hunting locations largely due to the wide geographic region, condensed population in southern and eastern Ontario leaving most of Northern Ontario unpopulated, general disinterest in black bear hunting by most Ontario residents, and the wide availability of forest forage foods through the spring to fall.  Thinking about bear hunting?  Look no further than Ontario.